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Jack and His Writers

From the George Burns book All My Best Friends, George describes an example of Jack's dependence on his writing staff:

Jack depend on his writers completely. And trusted them. And paid them very well. So his writers stayed with him for so long that even after twenty years he was still referring to the youngest of his two writing teams, Hal Goodman and Al Gordon, as "the new writers." Let me tell you how much Jack depended on his writers. One day Jack stopped a rehearsal and asked his whole writing staff to join him in a conference. "Look," he said when the four writers had gathered around. "I want to give Mel Blanc credit. I want a line for the tag of the show that says the part of the violin teacher was played by Mel Blanc." One of the writers took Jack's script and wrote on it, "The part of the violin teacher was played by Mel Blanc."

Jack read it over. "This is great," he said, "This is exactly what I wanted to say. Gees, thanks guys."

That was the end of the conference. As the writers went back to their seats one of them said casually, "You know, Jack, I think two of us probably could have handled that job."

Above: Jack (center) in 1938 with writers Bill Morrow and Ed Beloin who were with him until 1943. Ed Beloin was also the voice of Jack's eccentric boarder, Mr. Billingsley.
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