Nick Charles (wheelerwoolsey) wrote in jack_benny,
Nick Charles

Rochester's Anniversary

Today marks 30 years since Eddie "Rochester" Anderson passed away at the age of 71.

A brief timeline of the life of Eddie "Rochester" Anderson:

1905, Sep. 18-- Born to Edmund and Maude Anderson in Oakland, California

1918--Began his dancing career with Edith Sterling and her husband in a wild west show.

1922--Cast in a show titled "Struttin' Along"

1937--Makes his debut on the Jack Benny Program. He would continue on the show both on radio and television until 1965.

1939, June--Eddie is married to Mamie Wiggins Nelson

1940s-- Owned and operated a parachute company that provided the U.S. Government quality parachutes during World War II.

1946, Feb. --Rescued after being adrift in a boat off of Catalina Island for 2 days. His press agent had sent his obituary to the newspapers by the time of his rescue

1954, Aug.-- Eddie's wife Mamie dies after an illness of 2 years. She was 42. At the time of her death, her son Billy (whom Eddie had adopted) was playing professional
football for the Chicago Bears.

1955?-- Married to model Eva Simon. They have 3 children together

1977, Feb. 28--Dies at age 71

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